Mr. Len Chaloux, born and raised in Walpole, New Hampshire. Len always was fascinated in his automobile and was always working on them and creating and fixing parts for it. This is what started Len in the machine sector around Keene. Len started Keene State College in 1972 for his associates degree and started working at Pneumo, working thirty hours a week while a full-time student at Keene State, in 1973. When Rank-Taylor-Hobson took ownership in 1986, Len moved into tech support. During this time, to answer questions about the product you really needed the knowledge behind the machines and there was not anyone better for this then Len. This led him into sales where he made many connections with companies and many relationships with the people inside these companies. Len Chaloux had proposed two options for Schroeder Venture, one to buy out Precitech for a large amount of money or Pneumo could start a licensed contract with Moore Tool in Bridgeport, CT. In 1997 The private equity firm had fired Len and made him get out immediately, during this time the owner of Moore Tool did not know that Schroeder Venture had bought out Precitech and then the owner of Moore Tool, Newman Marsilius had contacted Len thinking that option two was going to happen. When finding out that Len got released from the company, Marsilius offered to fund Len in creating a new company, funding of 2 million dollars, thus Moore Nanotech was born in December of 1997. Despite the great recession of 2008, Len Chaloux was able to build a new facility in Swanzey, New Hampshire and prosper with sales and customers. With this new building, he was able to expand production, and have a high-tech building that includes a room for the machines which need to be stored at a certain temperature, so the metals do not expand, and this preserves the precision of the machines. He can achieve this because he has high quality products and a high-quality customer service. Len says that being able to communicate with your customers freely and being able to be flexible with design and contract details, leads to happy customers which lead to loyal customers.