Jesse LaBarre has lived in Fitzwilliam, NH for his entire life and has always been part of the local community. He attended Monadnock Regional High School in Swanzey, NH. Now he is a student at Keene state College that started in 2016, studying Economics and Business Management. He works in the neighboring town of Swanzey, at a family owned tree farm named, Maple Hill Nursery and is a landscaper there. Jesse, being a local here, had family that has lived here through all the big business in manufacturing and the downfall of it, having a father that has always been a machinist in the Keene area, Jesse and his family have seen the affects of the decline in manufacturing in Keene. The class at Keene State College, De/Reindustrialization was a class that got his attention because it explains what happened to his local town and he wanted to better understand the situation.