The objective of this class is to look at companies around and in Keene, New Hampshire to find out why the United Sates had a huge decline in manufacturing jobs from the late nineties to now. Being a local here I know of many different manufacturing companies and have seen them decline in manufacturing in my life, my father has worked for many of the local companies and I have grown up listening to stores about how it “used to be.” The class itself takes us on a journey through the past and into the present to see how management was in the companies and how they operated in certain time periods. This is achieved through many books, articles and the well-known knowledge provided from our professor, Marie Duggan. As a class we take tours of these companies that we read about so we get to have first-hand experience on how they achieve their production and how their operations work inside the company walls. I was lucky enough to get to tour Corning, Inc. and ABTech with my class and to experience the culture and see the manufacturing with our own eyes.